Phase I: Summer Camp for High School Juniors and Seniors

This first phase is directed at getting girls interested in Information Assurance (IA) through educational activities in a single-sex summer camp format. Girls are recruited from high schools in Mississippi and surrounding states to attend focused IA summer camps at low or no-cost to them in order to build their interest in the field and show them that through IA they can provide a useful service to society.

Research has shown that women are much more likely to pursue fields where they feel like they can make a positive difference in society. MSU has extensive experience in running summer camps for children of all ages, and the Bagley College of Engineering has made an extensive effort to offer summer camp opportunities to minorities and women to build their interest in engineering fields. These summer camps have been offered successfully for a number of years, so institutional experience will aid in the success of phase I activities. The summer camp offered in Phase I was very well attended, and the number of camps has recently expanded to two per year.