Phase III: Internships

During their sophomore year, women that show an aptitude for and an interest in IA careers will be invited to attend the annual SFS job fair in Washington, DC. Through this experience, they will be exposed to students from other CAEs, both men and women, in a collegial, supportive environment. They will also get to show potential employers the skills and positive attitudes that they would bring to a summer internship. Through this experience, we hope to convince these women to apply for the Scholarship for Service and to participate in a summer internship with a government agency.

Our experience has shown that once students are exposed to the work that is available in the IA field, they are very excited and work very hard to prepare for the demands of these jobs. Experience has also shown us that once a graduate of the IASP or SFS scholarship programs goes to work in the Federal Government, very few leave government service. Of the few that do leave, many return to the federal government after a very short absence.

Four of the six women who participated in the summer research experience in 2011 participated in the job fair in Washington, DC in January 2012. One of them is working for the CIA this summer and another is working for the Department of Homeland Security. The other two interviewed for jobs in January, but due to the current economic situation did not receive offers in time to work this summer. One will pursue additional classes in her major to make room in her schedule for the information assurance offerings available at MSU, and the other will work in the lab this summer, helping to mentor this summer's phase I and II participants.