Three Phases

The problem of low female enrollment in IA fields is a broad spectrum problem. We need to tackle the problem at several levels by getting women excited from before they leave high school and enter the university by involving them in activities while they are in the first couple of years of college. To accomplish this, our project is being carried out in three phases, with all phases starting simultaneously.

Since we started with a two year project, we did not have time to introduce each phase in succession. We hope to show the effectiveness of the later phases, as the graduates of the earlier phases move into them. In this way, we could validate the effectiveness of the earlier phases along the way. It has become apparent that in order to assess the impact of this approach, we need enough time in the study to be able to track women who start in the summer camp all the way through Phase III. This longitudinal study will provide evidence that the approach worked and tell us what needs improvement.